Hanuman has been established since 1990 as the Leading Tourism Company in the Kingdom of Cambodia and grows rapidly from the tourism company to hotel industry. The company provides the services such as Unique Accommodation, Inspirational Holidays, Original Adventure and Authentic Experience Dining.

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Prepare for divine inspiration! The temples of Angkor, capital of Cambodia's ancient Khmer empire, are the perfect fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion. HanumanAlaya Boutique Residence & HanumanAlaya Villa, Angkor's very own boutique residence, is just a short distance away from these magnificent temple monuments and is the perfect blend of traditional Khmer design and sophisticated international amenities. Many guests love our idyllic retreat. Our guest book is a eulogy to hospitality: a 'wonderful place', 'excellent service', a 'perfect retreat'. 'Paradise'. Lovingly finished in wood and elegantly decorated in local antiques and handicrafts, the HanumanAlaya is a home more than a hotel and guests find it the perfect place to unwind after an adventurous day exploring Angkor Wat and the many other temples. Surrounded by lush gardens, a swimming pool, tropical plants, and a soothing Spa, it is an idyllic retreat from the bustle of Siem Reap beyond, a stay to be savoured rather than rushed. Angkor is a magical experience, one that will stay with visitors forever. Make it more memorable at HanumanAlaya by immersing yourself in our rooms with a personal touch.